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?Mike Tyson? hits ABQ for a scavenger hunt
ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) ? One of the most legendary and controversial boxers ever, Mike Tyson, will be in Albuquerque over the weekend, but it?s ? Full Story 

Mike Tyson, Man of Letters: Ex-Champ Applies to Join Union of Russian Writers
Sends Autobiography to Group That Does Allow for Foreign Members Full Story 

'Mike Tyson Mysteries': TV Review
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Mike Tyson gets animated on new Adult Swim show
Mike Tyson says he?s ?always been a cartoon character? ? so it makes some cosmic sense that he?s starring in ?Mike Tyson Mysteries,? a 10-episode animated series with a ?70s... Full Story 

Weekly Q&A: Mike Tyson on having an action figure and seeing himself in cartoon form
Chatting with Mike Tyson: ?I want to stay home and stay away from all the bullsh*t because I?ve been there before. I know what that fall feels like, and I don?t want to ever experience that again.? Full Story 

Mike Tyson Applies to Join Union of Russian Writers
Mike Tyson has applied to join the Union of Russian Writers, an elite group of Russian scribes that also allows foreign members. Full Story 

Mike Tyson talks boxing, cartoons before 'Undisputed Truth' show in Tampa
Mike Tyson sounds a little distracted. Full Story 

Mike Tyson: 'You learn humbleness when you get older in life'
'The baddest man on the planet'. That is what he was known as for his antics in and outside the boxing ring. The former heavyweight champion of the? Full Story 

Mike Tyson stars in bizarre cartoon
MIKE Tyson has released a cartoon series in which the former boxer solves crimes and mysteries with the help of a ghost and an alcoholic pigeon. Full Story 

Boxing - Pacquiao still 'hungry' to fight after basketball debut
- Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao said Thursday he was still "hungry" to fight, despite a dalliance with professional basketball that has had his team worried sick. Full Story 

Boxing - Debutant Watch: Chris Adaway
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A Good Fight: Detroit Boxing Gym Gets Kids Off Streets
On the bleak east side of Detroit, a boxing coach is making sure kids have a fighting chance at success in a city plagued by hardship. Full Story 

Cebu, the hotbed of Philippine boxing, will be well-represented when the World Boxing Organization (WBO) holds its 27th Annual Convention October 27 ... Full Story