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Mike Tyson gets animated on new Adult Swim show
Mike Tyson says he?s ?always been a cartoon character? ? so it makes some cosmic sense that he?s starring in ?Mike Tyson Mysteries,? a 10-episode animated series with a ?70s... Full Story 

Mike Tyson talks boxing, cartoons before 'Undisputed Truth' show in Tampa
Mike Tyson sounds a little distracted. Full Story 

Weekly Q&A: Mike Tyson on having an action figure and seeing himself in cartoon form
?I want to stay home and stay away from all the bullsh*t because I?ve been there before. I know what that fall feels like, and I don?t want to ever experience that again.? Full Story 

Mike Tyson stars in bizarre cartoon
MIKE Tyson has released a cartoon series in which the former boxer solves crimes and mysteries with the help of a ghost and an alcoholic pigeon. Full Story 

Mike Tyson to Visit Team Abdallah
Tyson will come to Western New York on Saturday, Nov. 15. (PRWeb October 20, 2014) Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/10/prweb12261671.htm Full Story 

Mike Tyson -- My Cartoon Features Drunk, Masturbating Pigeon
Mike Tyson just posted a 10 minute preview of his new Cartoon Network TV show that's debuting next week -- featuring a drunk, angry, masturbating pigeon ... and it looks hilarious. It's the first we've seen about the show -- called "Mike Tyson? Full Story 

Mike Tyson: 'You learn humbleness when you get older in life'
'The baddest man on the planet'. That is what he was known as for his antics in and outside the boxing ring. The former heavyweight champion of the? Full Story 

Watch Mike Tyson's bizarre new crime-fighting cartoon
Mike Tyson Monday tweeted a clip of his new Adult Swim series "Mike Tyson Mysteries," on which his character solves crimes with the help of a ghost, his adopted daughter and a talking pigeon. (Warning: video contains profanity.) Full Story 

Mike Tyson aids motorcyclist after Vegas crash
Retired boxer Mike Tyson may be famous for his aggressiveness, but he showed his compassionate side last week when he came to the rescue of an injured motorcyclist who had crashed on a Las Vegas interstate. Attorney Stephen Stubbs said his client, 29-year-old Ryan Chesley, was on Interstate 15 in Las Vegas at about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday when a taxi cut him off and he went down. Stubbs said Chesley ... Full Story 

Mike Tyson Helps Injured Motorcyclist Survive Horrible Crash in Las Vegas?Hear the Inspiring Story!
Mike Tyson to the rescue! The retired boxer, who is famous for his fierceness in the ring, showed off his compassionate side when he came to the aid of an injured motorcyclist last... Full Story 

World Boxing Council shortens women's boxing matches because of periods
In a statement published on its website, the Mexico City-based non-profit said its first World Female Convention decided to shorten championship bouts from 12 rounds to just 10. Full Story 

Boxing - Croatian amateur handed life ban for punching referee
Croatian amateur boxer Vido Loncar and his ringside coaches have been given provisional life bans by world body AIBA after he hit a Polish referee and continued Full Story 

The Scariest Man in Boxing Can't Find Any Worthy Opponents
It happened again on Saturday night. Gennady Golovkin knocked out his challenger. It was his 18th straight knock out. And that is as amazing as it is a problem. Full Story 

GCP Boxing Announces Long Island Boxing Event on November 13
&\#039;Razor&\#039; Rainone Headlines, as Revamped Luxury Theater Hosts World-Class Professional Boxing Westbury Jeep Chrysler Dodge Long Island address corr ... Full Story